1. Escort/Companion Service

Due to state legislation in Victoria, I am unable to provide details of the types of activities I can offer in my services. Please contact me for information and I will be happy to explain what's on offer. If you are outside of Victoria, please click here for the list.

This can be anything from coffee or dinner dates to formal occasions, travel companion or intimate adventures just as a few examples. The only true limits are those of the imagination.

When it comes to sexual services, I understand that often the actual sex is a minor part of the experience many people are truly seeking. Sometimes, people are primarily after touch, sometimes stimulating conversation and sometimes it's about being heard and really listened to. Sometimes, all these things are more important than the sex in a sexual service, which is why I tailor my service for every individual by reading what they are really after. I think forging a connection is important so that safe environment is created where one is comfortable to trust me enough to tell me what they need to be fulfilled.


Furthering communication, my skills as a conversationalist are skills I take particular pride in. To be able to hold a decent conversation, one needs to be intelligent. I am just as classically intelligent as I am emotionally intelligent. This means that my vocabulary and broad knowledge allows conversation to flow and delve into many deeper areas, I am also able to read into body language and notice how one communicates in non-verbal manners as well as what is said. Through the use of these skill sets, I revel in the ability to keep interactions flowing in a very natural yet highly stimulating manner.


While I feel intelligence in several levels is a cornerstone on which a good experience is built, I know that aesthetics are also needed. As an adult entertainer and model, I will have that "night off" every now and then but I do like to keep in the best shape possible. I look after myself from the long, glossy black hair and broad shoulders to slim, athletic build and well-toned legs. To top things off I almost always dress to stand out from the crowd in an alternative way (but can look incredibly professional in a suit any day, especially if it is preferred by those I am meeting). My clean-shaven face and sweet scent top off my personal aesthetic, though at request I am more than willing to break out of this default in any way for context or the pleasure of others.


For all I present in potential pleasure, the most important aspect is finding new and exciting ways to connect with people especially through their kinks, and creating spaces where they can explore them and feel safe enough to involve me. I offer discretion of the highest degree, understand the concerns of privacy, and am always willing to offer assurance that the trust will never be breached.


Coffee date/Meet and greet (30min to 45min) ..... $50*

1 Hour ..... $400*

2 Hours ..... $800*

Dinner date/Formal Occasions (3 H) ..... $1000*

Overnight ..... $2000*

Weekend ..... $4000*

Travel companion/Fly me to you .... P.O.A.


2. Strip Shows

I am not your typical male stripper. I am Melbounre's only Gothic Male Stripper, if not Australia's only Gothic Male Stripper. My show is a set choreographed show to well-known party and club songs of the alternative nature. Everyone will be dancing in their seat, while I offer my high-quality performance and entertain you with my unique style of disrobing.

Though hen's parties are the first that come to mind when thinking to hire me, it can be for any type of function. In the past I have performed for birthday parties, hen's parties, work functions, divorce parties and believe it or not, several baby showers. There is no need for it to be a formal or special occasion and I have performed for simple 'Girls' nights' before (though I should note, the gender of the audience is irrelevant) where people have simply been in the mood for live entertainment.

I offer several different types of strip show depending on the context of the occasion, how comfortable everyone is, and what people enjoy. While some gatherings may include family members and it may be more appropriate to keep the G string on, that is not always the case. For those looking for a more extreme show, I also offer Raunchy, completely nude shows and if you are needing a little more for dessert, please ask me about my "Strawberry and Cream" show or "Chocolate Delight" as both are known to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Group shows and one-on-one shows are available. For prices of one on one shows, please contact me.

Group show Options

Gstring ..... $200

Raunchy Gstring ..... $220

Nude ..... $250

Raunchy Nude ..... $300

Chocolate Delight or Strawberry & Cream..... $350

Available thoughtout Melbounre and the State of Victoria.  Depending on location of booking, there might be travel expenses incurred. Starting at $50. Also available in other states when on tour.


3. Nuru Massage

Nuru is a Japanese erotic and sensual massage/exerience, using an odorless and colourless gel mixed with water. I use my whole body to massage/slide over yours from head to toe leaving you feeling quite relaxed and relieved. This service is carried out in an intimate setting on an inflatable, waterproof nuru massage sheet, music, candles and lighting or on a air matress when mobile.

Though this service is at most erotic and sensual, there are some ways I can improve and tailor your massage experience for an extra charge. These can range from a number of different things, including what I wear in the booking and other activities, including but not limited to, mutual touching, exchange and other sensual and erotic activities.  Please contact me for a list of the extras. If you are outside of Victoria, click here. Mobile service is available in Victoria but does come with extra fees. 

Please text (mobile nuru)  when enquiring about this service, for the correct prices and extras.

Rules for incall: A shower must be taken before the start of service. It's so much nicer when everything is clean and fresh and a shower can be taken after the service as well. I always have fresh clean towels on hand. 

Outcall massage service is about 1 hour, plus I will need time to setup and pack up. So if you do plan on booking this type of service, you will need 2 hours, I will need at least a king size floor space. Also reconmmend you have the heater on; we don't want to get cold. Also, be freshly showered as well. Again it's much nicer when everything is clean and fresh.

Mobile service:- There is a fee for travel, it will all depend on where you are. Could be as low as $5 to $100. Prebooking is needed for this service, plus a deposit of $50 via beemit (dragon13night). This will come off your total cost of the service. 

Incall: 1 hour*

$150 Standard service (massage only, body to body)

$170 Standard service in white thong (see though when wet)

$200 Standard service, Nude

$220 Standard service, Nude, xxx, xxx, xxx

$250 Standard service, Nude, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx

$300 Standard service, Nude, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx


From $350 and up, includes everything above plus fetishes. Enquiry within about this.

Outcall: 1 hour*

$200* Nude, Mutual touching, Exchange

$250* Nude, Mutual touching, Exchange, Oral on me, Happy ending by hand

$300* Nude, Mutual touching, Exchange, Oral both ways, Happy ending by hand or oral, Deep french kissing, Shower together at end.

$400* Nude, Mutual touching, Exchange, Oral both ways, Deep french kissing and Full service (I'm a top), Shower together both at start and end.

From $450* and up, includes everything above plus fetishes. Enquiry within about this.

Extra Fee: Travel free $5 to $100

Deposit of $50 is needed before booking.


4. Life Drawing

Have you been looking to practice your art skills? Well, here is your chance to draw a male model in the nude (or partially clothed) in many different poses. This could be just yourself or it could be a group of friends. I offer this service for art groups, hen's party, girl's night or just as a different activity for those interested.  From short poses to long poses, standing, lying, or sitting I will give you a steady human form to imitate on your medium.

I am an experienced life model with over 10 years experience, working for myself and a number of companies over the years. I am also a member of Life Modelling Society (LMS).

Life Modelling session 2 Hours (minimum) .... From $150 p/h


5. Modeling

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer or another model in need of a partner for a shoot, this service can be tailored for you. I always stand out from the crowd - the question is, how you would like me to stand out in your project. With years of experience modelling and having being published both locally and internationally, I am a confident and competent asset, from stills to catwalks to film projects, including adult films. Feel free to contact me to discuss concepts and ideas. 

All bookings are 2 Hour minimum.

Fashion ..... $50* p/h

Art ..... $75* p/h

Fetish ..... $100* p/h

Catwalk ..... $100*

Nude ..... $150* p/h

Adult ..... P.O.A.


6. Adult Performance Work

Some things cannot be categorized beyond 'sexual' and sometimes depending on an individual's kinks, things that aren't always seen as 'sexual' can be very sexual to a particular individual. Just because there is no sex or nudity involved does not mean I don't offer the service. Feel free to enquire about absolutely anything. A few examples I can offer as adult performance work are porn actor, sexy waiter, nude house cleaner or working on tv/movies of an adult nature. These suggestions are not here to limit any enquiries but to help broaden the scope of possibilities.

Please contact me for further details.


Booking ..... P.O.A.


7. Driver and Minder

⭑⭐✫ Local Service Only ✫⭐⭑

Are you a fellow escort or dancer in Melbourne that needs a driver and minder service? As I work in the industry myself, you won't be harassed or asked a thousand questions when you hire me. My main priority is your safety.  My service begins when I pick you up from your location. I then drive to and stay at the location of service before dropping you off at a safe location to conclude the service. Everyone prefers to work differently though so please contact me prior to booking for check in times, overtime protocols and emergency procedures. Happy to handle and count cash.



1 Hour or part of ....$50 cash only

All prices are in Australia Currency*

Prices subject to change*

Managment has the right to refuse a booking*